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Harvey Gulf discusses why they purchased two of GE Marine’s new EPA Tier 4 emissions-compliant medium-speed diesel engines

Harvey Gulf purchased two of GE’s Marine Solutions’ new EPA Tier 4 emissions-compliant medium-speed diesel engines for its latest multi-purpose field support vessel. >>Read more<<

First commissioned GE’s Marine Solutions IMO Tier III compliant diesel engine calls Norway home

Norway’s Bastø I ferry is officially the first commissioned vessel with a globally certified International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier III compliant marine engine that does not need urea based after treatment.  >>Read more<<

Commuting in style on the silver river

To navigate the estuary of the widest river in the world, you need reliable and safe power. For the commuters and tourists on Rio de la Plata, Scania engines are a safe bet. >>Read more<<

The pride of Svalbard

The Arctic Ocean is one of the toughest working environments on the planet, with only the best equipment capable of handling the arduous conditions. The Elling Carlsen is a prime example. Its 15-metre hull is loaded with cutting-edge technology and the vessel boasts an impressive 2,000 horsepower, making it the pride of the Svalbard archipelago. >>Read more<<

A marine engine a fisherman can depend on

Jimmy Brindley has been fishing for sea scallops off Long Beach Island in the US state of New Jersey for more than three decades. During that time his job has gone through many changes, thanks to new technology and legislation and the changing nature of the sea. His Scania engine is a reliable friend he knows he can depend on.>>Read more<<

Ferry with dolphins as followers

Every year the passenger ferry “Capt. Pete” takes some 50,000 visitors to the Ship Island National Park off the coast of the US state of Mississippi. The ferry is usually followed by curious pelicans and playful dolphins. >>Read more<<


The lobster fishing industry off the state of Maine in the United States is known for its large catches and the tough conditions that must be endured. Strong and reliable engines make the difference between profit and loss and between life and death.

>>Read more<<


Magnus MackAldener recently received the major prize Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize for Scania’s outstanding research into exhaust gas treatment. The achievement was made possible by the close cooperation with colleague Lars Dahlén at Scania’s Research and Development department.

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