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1. Q: The first world engine was born In DEUTZ?
A: In 1864, N.A. Otto and E.Langen built up DEUTZ Company, and in 1870 year Mr. Otto invented the first 4 strokes engine in the world and use natural gas until 1896, DEUTZ produced the first diesel engine.

2. Q: How wide is the range of applications of DEUTZ engines?
Agriculture Equipment 40-520kW (54-697hp)
Construction Equipment 18.4-520kW (24.5hp-697hp)
Material Handling 18.4-180kW (24.5hp – 241hp)
Stationary Equipment 12-399kW (16-535hp)
Marine 35-450kW (47-603hp)
Ground Support Equipment 18.4-500kW (24.5-671hp)
Railway 260-440kW (349-590hp)
Automotive 161-440kW (220-590hp)
Military To consult DEUTZ distributor

3. Q: How about DEUTZ different type of generators?
A: DEUTZ have 2 type of generators as Silent Canopy Set and Open Skid Set. The differences between 2 types will depend on the usage and venue. Which is Silent Canopy Set would apply for Concerts, Hospitals, Exhibitions, Commercial Buildings and Port Equipment and Open Skid Set would often apply for Construction Site, Quarry Operations, Factories, Fire Pump and On-Board Vessel.

4. Q: Is DEUTZ an exhaust emission expert?
A: YES, A LEADER. DEUTZ is developing technologies for tomorrow’s needs today. The core drivers are increasingly stringent emission requirements. To meet these, DEUTZ engines have powerful exhaust after-treatment systems that already meet EU Stage V, which will apply from 2019. At the same time, DEUTZ is developing strategies to effectively reduce CO2. Here, the use of biogenic or synthetic fuels – derived from renewably generated electricity – offer a future-oriented perspective for internal combustion engines.

5. Q: How good is DEUTZ’s support and service?
A: PROFESSIONAL. DEUTZ Engine Plus is a variety of products and services around your engine designed to maximize your performance. From individual application engineering to smart engine retrofits: DEUTZ offers extensive support throughout the lifetime of your engine.

Engine Accessories
DEUTZ offers a broad portfolio of add-on components that provide a perfect match to your engine – from fuel pre-heaters right up to complete Power Packs.
Engineering Services
DEUTZ provides customer-specific engineering support and application services – to help our customers achieve optimum system integration of all hardware components and software functions.
Professional Tools
High-quality hand tools made in Germany: Resilient, durable and safe – the perfect match for your workshop.
Extended Parts Coverage
Extended protection for the heart of your machine. The extended warranty up to 5 years offers cost control and 100% coverage of spare parts and labor costs. For more information please visit https://www.deutz.com/en/service/engine-plus/

6. Q: Which ranges of DEUTZ Engines are named Stage V Ready?

TCD 2.9 / 37 – 56 kW
TCD 3.6 / 56 – 100 kW
TCD 4.1 / 85 – 115 kW
TCD 6.1 / 130 – 206 kW
TCD 7.8 / 160 – 291 kW

DEUTZ Engines “Stage V ready” seal shows that they already meet the requirements of the EU emissions standard Stage V, which will apply from 2019.

7. Q: After sales services provide?
A: EA Mechanics as an authorized distributor of DEUTZ engines in Thailand, we are ready to looking after you and your engine as well as our best. Abilities and skills can be covering your demands and make you satisfied. Genuine parts available in store and quality service and maintenance team standby to serving you service on time. Including standard warranty of each
delivered engines from us. *Term and Condition Apply

8. Q: Key advantage of Genuine DEUTZ parts can offer?
A: – Optimum availability
– Rapid-response delivery service, world-wide
– Prime quality of all parts due to strict quality assurance
– Tailor-made repair kits with price advantage
– Parts availability at least 15 years after end of series production

9. Q: How about Biogenic fuels for DEUTZ engines?
A: Biogenic fuels – Biodiesel or FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) consists of so-called trans esterified vegetable oils that have been adjusted to have the properties of diesel fuel. In Germany, rapeseed oil is usually the raw material base, so it is often referred to as rapeseed oil methyl ester (RME).

Biodiesel can be used in suitable engines in its pure form (B100) or as a blend with petro diesel such as B7.

All DEUTZ engines are approved for the diesel fuel/biodiesel blends permissible in Europe and the U.S. as per EN 590 (up to 7%) and ASTM D 975 (up to 5%). In addition, there are also a great number of approvals for higher biodiesel mixture proportions (EN 16734 / EN 16709 / ASTM D 7467) and for clean fuels according to EN 14214.

10. Q: EA Mechanics is an authorized dealer of DEUTZ in Thailand?
A: Yes, EA Mechanics is an authorized dealer of DEUTZ in Thailand. We were officially appointed by DEUTZ AG and DEUTZ Asia Pacific (Pte). We are offering sell and deliver DEUTZ Engines, Genuine Spare Parts, and provide Technical Service to users of DEUTZ engines in Thailand.

1.Q: What the GE Transportation products that EA Mechanics can distribute?
A: EA Mechanics was appointed to be the sole authorized channel partner of GE Transportation in Thailand. Distribute diesel medium-speed marine engines, stationary power and drill motors including genuine parts and aftersales service and maintenance.

2.Q: Describe the ranges in each category of GE Transportation products?
A: GE Transportation powering these products are our reliable V228 and L/V250 Series Engines offering fuel efficiency and low life-cycle costs.

GE marine’s family of  medium-speed diesel engines deliver continuous power, ranging from  1,307 kW (1,753 hp) to 4,660 kW (6,249hp) and can be configured to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 as well as IMO MARPOL Annex VI Tier II and Tier III emissions levels.

GE stationary genset product line includes generator drive engine, unenclosed gensets and gensets in walk-in enclosures. Power solutions range from 1,307 ekW to 5,249 ekW and are available with a broad range of low and medium voltage alternators.

GE drill motors provides both of AC and DC motors. Includes 3 motors categories, AC water cooled motors 1,150 hp to 1,300 hp, AC drill motors 1,150 hp to 1,500 hp and DC motors 1,085hp to 1,130 hp.

3.Q: What is technological innovation to reduce emissions?
A: As a global leader in emissions-reducing solutions, this advanced technology reduces key emissions by more than 70% and enables in-engine compliance with EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III emissions standard. Including non-SCR diesel engine technology requires no after-treatment or urea injection are more benefits. It’s the result of an eight-year investment to help business worldwide comply with EPA and IMO emissions regulations.

4.Q: What the benefits of GE medium speed engine with EGR technology over urea based systems?
A: – Saves engine room space by eliminating the need for a separate SCR system and urea storage tanks, preserving valuable cargo, accommodation, and fuel, water and oil tank space.
Minimizes operating expenses; urea based systems can add 5–8 % of fuel expenses.
Maximizes engine efficiency and load response with a ramp up from idle to full load of about 15 seconds.

5.Q: Specify the ability to gain significant benefits of GE diesel engine EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III emissions standards?
A: – Available on GE Marine’s L/V250 series diesel engines ranging from 1,700 kW to 4,700 kW
– Eliminates the need for specious provisions for SCR system and urea storage tanks, preserving valuable cargo, accommodation, and tank space.
– Requires no supplemental equipment or fluids, reducing capital and operating expenditures.
– Engines supported by an extensive global parts, distribution and service network.
– Reducing ship design complexity and shipyard installation time and cost.

6.Q: How long is GE products covered by warranty?
A: The extended warranty program limitation period 12 months and starts on the date invoicing.*

7.Q:  What are the advantages of GE diesel generator sets?
A: – Skid-mounted or enclosed configurations
– Contain all necessary equipment for standalone power generation
– Heavy-duty cooling up to 50°C with no derate
– Enclosures can withstand hurricane-force winds
– Operates in island, load-share, black-start and utility-parallel modes
– Continuously operates in desert environments (with cyclonic or paper-type air filtration)
– Units can be linked and configured through single touch-screen control for additional power

8.Q: GE AC Motor Advantages?
A: Greater torque and speed. GE’s AC drilling motors produce more torque at both low and high speeds than a DC counterpart. Maximum speed for a GE horizontal AC motor is 3,000 rpm.

Low inertia rotor. A low inertia rotor enhances the draw works performance by providing highly responsive acceleration, reduced braking time and less wasted energy. The lower weight and inertia of the rotor is achieved through a design that optimizes current and flux densities.

9.Q: GE DC Motor Advantages?
A: Proven performance. No guesswork required. The performance characteristics of GE’s original 752 DC drilling motors have been proven time and time again on all major drill rig operations. The motor performance on GE’s original 752 DC drilling motors has continually met or exceeded customer requirements.

Dependable operation, backed by GE. Thousands of GE’s original 752 DC drilling motors are performing worldwide on all types of drill rigs, providing dependable operations of the rig’s primary equipment. The 752 DC drilling motors have been reported by rig operators to run for years without service or failure.

10.Q:  Where can I get the customer support and enquiries?
A:  For customer support and information, please contact us via following number Tel. +662 722 1118 or Fax. +662 722 1311, email. info@eamechanics.com or leave your inquiries in “contact us” on our website www.eamechanics.com

*Terms and conditions apply.

1. Q: Does Scania offers marine engines for sale?
A: Scania has been producing and developing marine engines for more than 100 years ago. Scania also manufactures and
distributes to customers around the world, especially famous in Europe countries as Norway, Denmark and Netherland
included in Asia countries as many fishing vessels in South Korea and Ferry vessels in Australia.

2. Q: Is Scania marine engines the same company that produces Scania Buses and Trucks?
A: Yes, Scania marine engines is the same company that produces Scania Buses and Trucks engines. Every engines produced
from Research and Development Headquarter Center at Södertälje in Sweden.

3. Q: Where does the Scania marine engines assembled and produced?
A: Scania has production facilities in Europe and Latin America and assembly plants in Africa and Asia.

4. Q: Is it true that Scania marine parts is rare, difficult to repair and expensive?
A: Scania parts are over 90% compatible with Scania bus and truck engines (Scania Modular system). We offer 6 months
warranty in every purchase parts and 1 year warranty in every purchase parts included services package from Scania.
We can provide reasonable price and quality services for our customers.

5. Q: Either Mechanics or ECU is the Scania marine engine control system? How many horsepower which each individual range?
A: Scania marine engines is controlled by Electronic Control Unit system (ECU). We call the function of the control system
as “Engine Management System (EMS)”
Main Engine
1. DI09 (9 litre, 5 cyl-inline) / 220 – 400 hp
2. DI13 (13 litre, 6 cyl-inline) / 550 – 1200 hp
3. DI16 (16 litre, V8) / 300 – 1200 hp
and Auxiliary engine high power 640 kW

6. Q: What are the highlights of the Scania marine engines?
A: The highlights of the Scania marine engines
1. Scania marine engines provides higher horsepower and torque that calculated from engine capacity (Power to weight ratio)
2. Scania marine engines as a compact dimension engines, easy to setting and maintaining.
3. Saving fuel consumption and good performance (High toque at low rev)
4. Parts available (Modular System), Easy Repair (One man service concept)
and Service networks (10 Scania branches nationwide)
5. Uptime repair and maintenance. Lower operation cost if comparable with life cycle of Scania engines.
(Saving fuel cost / Lower Maintenance and Repair cost / Better power to weight ratio, less overhaul cost)

7. Q: Can Scania marine engines use diesel that sold in Thailand?
A: Scania marine engines can use diesel that sold in Thailand.

8. Q: Scania scope of supply?
A: Base engine with options and SCANIA Instrumentation (Touch screen monitor display 5.7 inch. and Start-Stop control set.

9. Q: Where we can contact for further information about Scania engines?
A: For further information please contact EA Mechanics as the dealer of Scania Thailand via tel. +662-722-1118 or info@eamechanics.com

10. Q: Which is the emergency contact in case of engine have problem and also warranty covered?
A: EA Mechanics as one dealer of Scania engines, we can provide details and services for our customers 24 hours, just call via services hotline +669-2252-8777. We also offer 1 year warranty (validity from delivery date)