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We provide many global brand engines and services. Many frequently asked questions from our customers are we intend to discover the best questions to solve customers problem.












1. A: Does Scania offers marine engines for sale?
Q: Scania has been producing and developing marine engines for more than 100 years ago. Scania also manufactures and
distributes to customers around the world, especially famous in Europe countries as Norway, Denmark and Netherland
included in Asia countries as many fishing vessels in South Korea and Ferry vessels in Australia.

2. A: Is Scania marine engines the same company that produces Scania Buses and Trucks?
Q: Yes, Scania marine engines is the same company that produces Scania Buses and Trucks engines. Every engines produced
from Research and Development Headquarter Center at Södertälje in Sweden.

3. A: Where does the Scania marine engines assembled and produced?
Q: Scania has production facilities in Europe and Latin America and assembly plants in Africa and Asia.

4. A: Is it true that Scania marine parts is rare, difficult to repair and expensive?
Q: Scania parts are over 90% compatible with Scania bus and truck engines (Scania Modular system). We offer 6 months
warranty in every purchase parts and 1 year warranty in every purchase parts included services package from Scania.
We can provide reasonable price and quality services for our customers.

5. A: Either Mechanics or ECU is the Scania marine engine control system? How many horsepower which each individual range?
Q: Scania marine engines is controlled by Electronic Control Unit system (ECU). We call the function of the control system
as “Engine Management System (EMS)”
Main Engine
1. DI09 (9 litre, 5 cyl-inline) / 220 – 400 hp
2. DI13 (13 litre, 6 cyl-inline) / 550 – 1200 hp
3. DI16 (16 litre, V8) / 300 – 1200 hp
and Auxiliary engine high power 640 kW

6. A: What are the highlights of the Scania marine engines?
Q: The highlights of the Scania marine engines
1. Scania marine engines provides higher horsepower and torque that calculated from engine capacity (Power to weight ratio)
2. Scania marine engines as a compact dimension engines, easy to setting and maintaining.
3. Saving fuel consumption and good performance (High toque at low rev)
4. Parts available (Modular System), Easy Repair (One man service concept)
and Service networks (10 Scania branches nationwide)
5. Uptime repair and maintenance. Lower operation cost if comparable with life cycle of Scania engines.
(Saving fuel cost / Lower Maintenance and Repair cost / Better power to weight ratio, less overhaul cost)

7. A: Can Scania marine engines use diesel that sold in Thailand?
Q: Scania marine engines can use diesel that sold in Thailand.

8. A: Scania scope of supply?
Q: Base engine with options and SCANIA Instrumentation (Touch screen monitor display 5.7 inch. and Start-Stop control set.

9. A: Where we can contact for further information about Scania engines?
Q: For further information please contact EA Mechanics as the dealer of Scania Thailand via tel. +662-722-1118 or info@eamechanics.com

10. A: Which is the emergency contact in case of engine have problem and also warranty covered?
Q: EA Mechanics as one dealer of Scania engines, we can provide details and services for our customers 24 hours, just call via services hotline +669-2252-8777. We also offer 1 year warranty (validity from delivery date)