Discover reliable power with EA Mechanics, bringing the right engines with every requirements covered leading to long term success.

EA Mechanics partnered up with well recognized worldwide brand Deutz and Scania and committed to provide the best quality of products and services to valuable customers.

EA Mechanics strives on providing the best ranges of services and maintenance with highly trained and skilled technicians to give the customers the services needed.

EA Mechanics is the company combining the right mixture of global recognized brands to outfit the perfect options and services possible to our prestigious customers.


A gateway to setting a good impression is always having a dream.

Dreams become vision and vision becomes reality.

EA Mechanics Company Limited brings reality to life by setting valuable impression on quality products and services along with the ultimate impression of great investment quality.


  •  EA Mechanics Company Limited always provide world class products and services to all our customers.
  •  EA Mechanics Company Limited strives for showing the best professionalism possible to the public and able to have customers constantly remember that EA Mechanics Company Limited is the place to be when it comes to the quality engines.
  • The long term vision of EA Mechanics Company Limited is not just providing all these services to the public but as well to set the brand to be recognized that it is constantly growing and is also profitable from now and onwards.
  • EA Mechanics Company Limited is constantly growing and expanding, the growth and the expansion it will be a hub where it brings the AEC markets together.
  • Corporate training programs that allows the staff to be updated and upgraded to provide proper efficient pro-active actions to customers.

EA Mechanics Co., Ltd.

Address: 335/1 Pattanakarn rd. Prawet, Prawet,
Bangkok 10250 Thailand.”

Tel. +662-7221118
Fax. +662-7221311
Service Hotline. +669-22528777
Email. info@eamechanics.com