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We provide quality branded engines to our customers, where these valuable engines come along with strong performance that can be trusted.










The heart of the matter

You’ll find Scania engines at the heart of transport and industry across the world. So it makes
sense for companies to invest in superior Scania engineering that champions quality,
robustness, reliability and total operating economy.
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Engineered for excellence

High performance creates high expectations.
With their power and economy, service life, emission compliance and premium-quality parts, Scania engines excel on all fronts.

Engineered for uptime

Scania has developed class-leading engine technologies to deliver maximum productivity – including Scania XPI fuel injection, Scania Engine Management System and the cyclone oil filter.

Outstanding operating economy

Low fuel consumption, excellent power-to-weight ratio, long service life and low maintenance costs mean you can expect
outstanding operating economy from your Scania engine.

Flexible business partner

Scania is a world-leading provider of engine technologies, offering a comprehensive engine range and tailored services for the world’s most demanding OEMs and their customers.