Event : GE’s Integrity & Compliance program

Venue : EA Mechanics building
Date : Tuesday 19th, December 2017

On Tuesday 19th, December 2017 – EA Mechanics Company Limited staffs talked about GE’s Integrity & Compliance program. The objective of our conversation is to make all employees aware of the value of intelligence organization. Topics and case studies were prepared by Human Resources Department and all EA Mechanics employees attended. As we are the authorized channel partner of GE Transportation, we must understand and follow GE’s compliance guideline as well as the distributor. It is the standard of ethical behavior and legal compliance that our organization should have.

As GE is the legendary company with over 100 years of experiences and many successfully of businesses. GE’s Integrity & Compliance program focuses on prevents ethics, compliance and regulatory problems, detects the problems that do occur at the earlier possible stage and responds quickly and thoroughly solution. GE’s commitment to perform with integrity is instilled in every employee as a nonnegotiable expectation of behavior.

In today’s Thailand economic, integrity is not only the key foundation to successful state of society but also one of the priorities to achieve effective corporate governance and good compliance management in our business. EA Mechanics strongly remains an ethical organization and every employees realize it all the time. We will apply these guidelines of GE’s Integrity & Compliance along with our organization policy.

GE’s Integrity & Compliance program showed both policy review and how to raise a concern topic. During the conversation, we talked with to each other about fraud and corruption case studies in Thailand and some of our staffs shared their experiences of deciding which solutions would suit different kind of situations.

The purpose of this program is to promote positive attitude in the workplace and instill a sense of ethics in all of our staffs.