Event : EA Mechanics Code of Conduct 2018

Venue : EA Mechanics Co., Ltd.
Date : Thursday 19th April 2018

Thursday 19th April 2018 – EA Mechanics organized the “Code of Conduct Discussion 2018” program, hosted by the Human Resource Department. Following company policy, this program will be held as an annual event. The activity aims to cultivate employees to realize the code of conduct and business ethics at EA Mechanics. We applied a Code of Conduct that is applicable by studying from our partners’ code and combining it to parts of our company ethical policy.

As following company policy, we conduct our business with integrity, honesty and transparency. We are unsupportive of every kind of corrupt activities, due to violation of our ethical company policy.

Corporate ethics have been defined for the management and employees to achieve practical ideas and quality standard of work. Together with integrity and transparency, the company’s reputation will affect and bring pride in the work to the individual.

The event was intended to express the company’s anti-corruption values and it also to inform the company’s terms and conditions as a guideline for employees to know and understand, including proposing coping strategies when dealing with these incidents.

In the current, many organizations in Thailand are concerning in relations to corruption behavior that tends to happen in organization. Which each organization is aware of this issue as an important part of the business. They need to cultivate an integrity with every employees in every career. As the standard code of conduct will help the organization gain reputation, stability and credibility, as well as a long-term commitment to quality, performance and productivity.