Event : EA Mechanics Code of Conduct Training 2017

Venue : Meeting Room 1st floor, EA Mechanics building
Date : Wednesday 7th June 2017

On Wednesday 7th June 2017, Human Resource Department organized EA Mechanics Code of Conduct Training 2017 at Meeting Room 1st floor, EA Mechanics building. This training was organized for stimulating and encouraging all of EA Mechanics employees to perform their respective task ethically and work in the rightful direction following company policies, without corruption or illegitimacy. The training combined Scania’s guide to ethics for execute in common. Topics of the training as follows;

1. Policy and Procedures
2. Individual Responsibilities
3. Bribery and Corruption
4. Patronage and Donation
5. Facilitation Payments
6. Internal Control and Audit
7. Political Rights and Neutrality
8. Ethics of Employees
9. Policy Violations
10. Ethics Complaint

Each topic of code of conduct training was focused on ethics which every position required. EA Mechanic employees would be able to understand both company policies and civil law, as well as knowing how to resolve and make the right decision when facing ethical dilemmas.

Additionally, employees would be able to realize how to get in contact with external parties including customers, business partners, shareholders, competitors, external communities and colleagues. Started off with instilling work ethics in EA Mechanics employees individually so that everyone could act as a team leader. Ultimately the company will achieve the business goals sustainably and can be recognized as one of the ethical organizations in the near future.