Event : Ceremonial Ship Launching Royal Thai Navy Medium Tug Boat “Panyi”

Venue : Ital Thai Marine’s shipyard
Date : 12th October 2016

EA Mechanics Co., Ltd. was invited to Ceremonial Ship Launching Royal Thai Navy Medium Tug Boat “Panyi”, which we received the great honor from Adm. Na Arreenich, Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Navy together with Mrs. Pranee Areenich who has christened the ship on October 12th, 2016 at Ital Thai Marine’s shipyard, Taibarn Road, Tambon Taibarn, Ampor Samutprakarn, Samutprakarn.

The agreement to build one medium tug boat of Royal Thai Navy was signed with Ital Thai Marine Co., Ltd. The objective was to replace the old medium tug boat in order to create more sufficient boat to support all the activities to be more effective. This medium tug boat has been named “Panyi tug boat” by King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Panyi Island from Pannga Province)

Ceremonial Ship Launching is boat celebration of being transferred from land to water for the first time and also making religious ceremony. It is an important naval tradition that’s a way of blessing the ship and crew in an attempt to bring good fortune on its voyages.

Ital Thai Marine Co., Ltd. has trusted by choosing 2 main engines and 1 drive fire-fighting pump engine from EA Machanics Co., Ltd.

Specification: Panyi Tag Boat
– Static Bollard Pull   53 metric tons
– Maximum Continuous rating  12 knots.
–  Length Overall   32 meters.
– Breadth Moulded   12.40 meters.
– Beam Moulded  5.40 meters.
– Maximum full load  4.31 meters.

Medium Tug Boat “Panyi”

Mr.Wirat Chanasit, Managing Director of Ital Thai Marine Co., Ltd. welcoming the guest of honor at the event.

Adm. Na Arreenich as Commander in Chief of the Royal Thai Navy, President’s in honor of the ceremony.

Mrs. Pranee Arreenich who christened the ship ceremony. (Thais people believe in spirit lives in boat as Mae Ya Nang, she will protect the ship and crew.)