Event : EA Mechanics New Year Party 2017

Venue : Aroi Tidlom Restaurant, Pattanakarn 30
Date : 21st December 2016

On the recent date of December 21st, 2016 EA Mechanics Co.,Ltd. held the New Year Party celebration for all the employees at Aroi Tidlom Restaurant, Pattanakarn Soi 30.

At this year’s celebration, it was a great honor to have Khun Waraporn Trivittayanurak, our Chief Financial Officer as our event host. As she provided a great encouraging speech by congratulating the staff for a successful year and for all to enjoy the evening filled with food and as well to stand the chance to win the 1st place prize of 10,000 baht cash.

As the dining continues, after the 1st place prize was given to the winner, there was another big prize to be won, which was provided this prize contains 1 set of a brand new SONY Bravia 40” LED TV. There was other prize to be won, 28 lucky cash prizes which was given to the winners who joined in the games and activities during the dining.

In addition, the success of this event was achieved as it helped to strengthen the bonding relationship and created the harmony between all the staff. Making this event a successful one and strive towards the future.